Reviewing Emails Sent to You in Your Client Billing Area

This will teach how to review emails sent to you in the client area. It is important that you stay current on the emails sent to you in your Client Billing Area. AP Consultants will generate important emails that you need to keep, so it is sent here so that you can easily retain a copy of it. 

On the main client billing area menu, click on the My Emails link, which is the last link. This takes you to a page called My Emails, which is a complete history of all email messages your hosting company has sent to you, and any you have sent to them through WHMCS. It includes invoices, order confirmations, supports tickets, payment confirmations, and more. Just click on the Message Subject to read the email.

Be sure to check this area often, so that you can see what emails are being sent to you through the WHMCS system. Now click the Client Area link in the You are Here line. This returns you to the client area, and the end of this tutorial. You now know how to review your email sent to you in WHMCS.

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