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I can’t login in my cPanel

If you experiencing difficulties to login into your cPanel , this might be caused due to several reasons:

1.    Your account has been suspended (you may check this as you visit your web site which is hosted with us)

2.    Due to the forgotten password to access your control panel.

a)    You may view your password by visiting your Client area -> Emails -> “Welcome to AP Consultants Hosting” email.

b)    You may change your cPanel password by visiting your Client Area -> Services -> click on the “View/Edit” button, located on the right side of your hosting plan.  At the bottom of the page your will be able to change your cPanel passowrd.

  • Note that, the described in section 2 is not valid if you have purchased VPS or Dedicated server. If you have VPS or Dedicated server you can post a ticket through your Client area ->  Support -> My Tickets -> Submit Ticket , then we will review/restore your password
  • Also note that changing of your cPanel password will change your password for your FTP an MySQL

3.You are trying to access your cPanel  via your domain name (http://www.domain.com/cpanel):
Please make sure your domain is properly pointed to your hosting account with the correct name servers (you may preview the correct name servers by visiting you Client area -> Emails -> “Welcome to AP Consultants Hosting” email). Also make sure your domain is propagated (propagation period is up to 24 hours after the applied DNS changes.)
If your domain is not pointed properly or if its not propagated, it might open your old/other cPanel (This is valid if you have purchased a domain from other domain registrar or if you have changed your hosting provider)

Also you may tray the following URL’s to access your control panel:










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