PayPal Subscriptions

PayPal Subscriptions/Recurring Billing

You can setup your PayPal subscription in your Client Billing Area:  This is an easy way to "Set it and forget it."

When you view an invoice for a recurring product or service you will be shown a PayPal Subscribe button. This allows you to subscribe so that your payment for that product or service is sent automatically each month/quarter/etc... and automatically applied to the appropriate renewal invoices by our billing system.

If an invoice contains both a product, and addons or domains, then any which match the products billing cycle will also be included as part of the subscription. For example, if an invoice contained a product, an addon & a domain, all of which recur on an annual basis, then the PayPal subscription that gets created by our billing system would be for the total amount of all 3 items so that the subscription would cover everything and pay the renewal invoice in full automatically. What isn't possible however is to create a subscription that has different amounts recurring on different recurring terms, ie. $x Monthly + $Y Annually. PayPal doesn't offer an option for that at the current time.

When a subscription is created, the Subscription ID number that gets issued by PayPal is stored in our billing system.  Similarly when a subscription is cancelled the Subscription ID gets removed again.

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