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Login URLS You Need to Know

Below are a list of some of the most important login URLs you will need to manage your domain and hosting accounts.
Note: the examples below assume your domain name is example.com, the IP address of your server is, and the actual server you are located on is apconsultants.net.

Your Customer Area (billing, account management and more)

Login URL: https://apwebhosting.com/clientarea.php
Log in with the email address and password that you signed up with. This information is in your Order Confirmation email. If you cannot remember your password or otherwise have problems getting access, you'll need to reset it.

cPanel (your control panel)

Login URL: http://example.com/cpanel

Use your domain name to log in. You can also use the IP address in the welcome email that you received (or the server name) to log in. The following are dummy examples; your specifications will be particular to your account and site.

If you cannot remember your password or otherwise have problems getting access, you'll need to reset it.

Webmail (getting email through your browser)

Your webmail login is separate from cPanel login information. 


Log in with the full email address and password you created for that address. If you need to reset a password, you can do that in the Add/Remove/Manage Accounts in the Mail section of cPanel. Just click Password next to the email address you need to reset.

Secure Logins Using SSL

If you are in a public area or otherwise do not wish to submit your password in plain text, you can use cPanel's secure logins. You can use the IP address or server name to log in. Again, the below IP addresses are dummy IPs... yours will be specific to your account.
Please check your welcome email for the correct ip addresses. (cPanel Standard) (cPanel Secure)

Support Help Desk

Get in touch with support: http://apwebhosting.com/contact.php. This is a separate system and is not tied to your Customer Area or cPanel account. You do not need to log in in order to submit a ticket. 

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